Our Sustainable Shorts and Trousers at Organique

Our Sustainable Shorts and Trousers at Organique

In this next piece of our blogpost series which presents all our sustainable clothing, we take a closer look at our organic cycling shorts and straight leg trousers. 

At Organique, we offer sustainable fashion that is produced in an ethical environment, made from only natural materials (in this case organic cotton combined with elastane). That also means that our products are always sustainable, vegan and biodegradable.


Collection of organic and vegan shorts and trousers


Cycling Shorts

Back in the 80’s when everybody was obsessed with aerobics, cycling shorts of all colours and patterns entered the fashion world. They were a daily piece worn by celebrities such as Princess Diana or Madonna. On top of that they were  very present in movies or tv shows, thus casually worn by everybody. More than two decades later, the 90’s are coming back to our closets and we find ourselves enjoying the comfort of wearing longer shorts made of soft materials.


Cycling shorts are, despite their name, a multi-functional piece for your capsule wardrobe. Made from organic cotton, our women's activewear shorts can be used as work out clothing, casual strolls on a sunny day but also as an undergarment while wearing a midi-dress. We offer two versions of sustainable cycling shorts. One made from organic Piqué in ecru (an off-white shade), and one in a colour block design in black and brown. 

Black and brown cycling shorts made by Organique, your sustainable clothing brand.  Ecru cycling shorts made by your sustainable clothing brand - Organique.


Straight Leg Trousers 

For the days when it’s not warm enough to wear shorts, our vegan straight leg trousers will accompany you on your daily quests. Due to their comfort and organic materials, they are our first choice when it comes to lounging at home all day, going for a walk, or doing some soft Yoga exercise. The organic cotton will support your movements smoothly and let your skin breathe naturally. Because of their simple design and high quality, our organic straight leg trousers will stay with you for as long as you can imagine and therefore can't be missed in you capsule wardrobe.

At Organique, we are a sustainable clothing brand, because we want to slow the fashion industry down, make it more ethical and offer our customers a healthier life without any toxins in their women's activewear.

Light brown straight leg trousers made by a sustainable clothing brand, Organique. Details of black long trousers made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand.


At Organique we specifically only chose fabrics that support your wellbeing as much as the one of our planet. These are organic cotton jersey and organic cotton piqué.

GOTS certified organic Stretch Jersey

The stretch jersey we use to make the dark brown and black pieces contains 91% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and 9% elastane to make it follow your movements smoothly. Its surface is nicely even and super soft due to the high content of organic cotton. 

Vegan black trousers made by Organique, your sustainable clothing brand. Details of black and brown cycling shorts made by Organique, your sustainable clothing brand.


BCI certified organic Piqué

Secondly, we use a fabric called Piqué. It is made from 93% organic cotton and 7% elastane and is featured in our light brown and ecru clothing. The difference to the jersey is that it is woven in a minimalistic structural pattern. That gives the clothing piece more depth and a more interesting feel.

Vegan cycling shorts in ecru made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand. Organic trousers in light brown made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand.

In general, our organic cycling shorts and trousers are a must have in every capsule wardrobe and a great investment towards a more sustainable life, because at Organique we make biodegradable clothes you can wear for a lifetime.

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