Image of stretch jumpsuit made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand.

Our Sustainable Jumpsuits at Organique

In this article, the fifth and last one of our product blogpost series, we present our varieties of sustainable jumpsuits. First, the history of jumpsuits in fashion is stated followed by their advantages and disadvantages. After that you will gain insight on our organic jumpsuits, their shapes, and styles. We close this article by explaining the natural materials used at Organique.

Image of our organic jumpsuits made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand.

From Male Military Overalls to Elegant Sustainable Jumpsuit 

As the name says, jumpsuits were used to jump – out of airplanes. Their shape comes from uniforms of parachuters in the military. After that the overalls were first adapted to women manufacturing munitions in the second world war. Designers picked up the new concept, but it took three more decades for the jumpsuit to become a popular clothing piece. In the 1960’s and 70’s a jumpsuit was the stage outfit of choice for many performers such as Cher, ABBA or Elvis Presley. It was considered as a unisex piece used by both men and women. Since then, jumpsuits come in all sorts of styles. For an elegant gala but also for a casual hang out. But be aware! There are certain things that may be tricky wearing a jumpsuit. For example, using the toilet in a jumpsuit usually means getting completely undressed. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about composing an outfit when wearing a jumpsuit because it will speak for itself all by itself. 

Our Styles and Forms of Jumpsuits 

Sustainable long light brown jumpsuit Organic black short one shoulder jumpsuit

At Organique we produce solely vegan, fair trade and sustainable fashion. That means, all our jumpsuits are organic and biodegradable. They come in a cycling short- or a long leg version, yet both the top part and bottom parts vary. All jumpsuits have a sleeveless and one shoulder neckline offering two minimalist ways to dress for any occasion, while standing out at the same time. Concerning long jumpsuits we have a stretch version as well as a straight leg version. The stetch jumpsuit sits very tightly on your body while still allowing you to move smoothly. The straight leg jumpsuit however is opposite, as it hugs your body more loosely and casually. Yet still, both varieties provide the feeling of athleisure and elegance around your body. 

Material Insights 

We specifically chose natural materials only at Organique. These are organic cotton piqué and organic cotton stretch jersey for your skin to be able to breathe as naturally as possible.

Organic Cotton Stretch Jersey

Image of black and brown jumpsuit made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand.
Image of black jumpsuit made by Organique, a sustainable clothing brand.

The stretch jersey we use to make the black pieces contains 91% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and 9% elastane allowing it to follow your movements smoothly. Its surface is nicely even and super soft due to the high content of organic cotton.

Organic Cotton Piqué 

Image of light brown one-shoulder-jumpsuit by your sustainable clothing brand, Organique.
Image of ecru cycling jumpsuit made by your sustainable clothing brand.

Secondly, we use a fabric called Piqué. It is made from 93% organic cotton and 7% elastane and is featured in our light brown and ecru clothing. The difference to the jersey is that it is woven in a minimalistic structural pattern. That gives the clothing piece more depth and a more interesting feel.

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Author: Verena Reubel

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