Our Sustainable Shirt-Dresses at Organique

Our Sustainable Shirt-Dresses at Organique

The next category of our women’s activewear presented in the article series are our organic shirt dresses. They come in two different length options and two different materials. But before we look at the fabrics, let’s inspect further our shapes and designs of shirt dresses as well as the reason for designing these types of shirt dresses at your sustainable clothing brand from Portugal.

At Organique we aim to combine sustainable fashion with functional women’s activewear. Shirt dresses are, similar to bodysuits, inspired by men’s clothing. They represent the resistance of women to gender roles and women slowly entering the workforce. It’s inspired by the Victorian shirtwaist and got developed into the shirt dresses we know today - a combination of two worlds. Back then, they were mostly knee length to protest the reigning clothing standards. Today we can choose between many options of styles, but one thing is for sure: they will always be a solid elegant look for nearly every situation.

Lyocell Maxi Shirt Dress 

With or without sleeves, our organic maxi shirt dresses only come in a versatile black colour. You can wear it open as a light summer jacket or close it with the plastic free corozo buttons and have an elegant dress for any occasion. The Lyocell fabric we use for our vegan and fair-trade maxi shirt dresses has a very even and soft surface; at the same time it’s hypoallergenic. It lets your skin breathe very naturally during hot days which can avoid a smelly affair during a long meeting day at work. 

Organic Cotton Short Shirt Dress 

Made from 100% organic cotton, our short sustainable shirt dresses offer comfort and style at the same time. The shirt dress comes in black or white, so you can add fun colourful accessories for the perfect style of the day. The black fabric comes in a woven pattern which is coarser than the Piqué, but it offers the same interesting feel on your skin while being super soft. A smart feature of these short shirt dresses is their pockets that allow you to keep your keys or phone always at reach. 

Material Insights


Used for our sustainable maxi dresses and made from cellulose of eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus is the perfect source for sustainable fashion fabrics, because they are evergreen trees that don’t need a lot of water or pesticides. With non-toxic processes the production of Lyocell became a very good alternative for organic cotton. It is insanely soft and gives your skin room to breathe while being hypoallergenic at the same time. 

GOTS certified Organic Cotton:

With nothing added to it, the organic cotton we use for the short shirt dresses is 100% sustainable because it is 100% biodegradable. Also, through the GOTS certification it is ensured that in the farming process least possible pesticides are used and fair wages are paid. With these features, this vegan fabric is the best choice for your skin’s well-being, especially if you struggle with skin irritations and allergies. 

In general, our organic shirt dresses are a must have in every capsule wardrobe and a great investment towards a more sustainable life, because at Organique we make biodegradable clothes you can wear for a lifetime.

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