Paula Pérez, the Founder and Creative Director of ORGANIQUE STUDIO, introduces herself and shares her background. Born in Germany and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Paula has always had a profound passion for nature, animals, dance, and self-care. Combining her love for these interests with her affinity for fashion and sustainability, she seized the perfect opportunity to create ORGANIQUE.

Paula's personal philosophy revolves around the importance of comfort without compromising style in her daily life. She believes in the power of feeling at ease while staying fashionable.

ORGANIQUE STUDIO offers a range of eco-friendly luxury activewear and loungewear essentials to their community. All products are meticulously designed and manufactured in Portugal, reflecting the brand's commitment to both quality and sustainability.

From Portugal: To the World

Our mission is to create beautiful and timeless pieces that feel like a second skin and that are made to last. We focus on carefully selecting the best natural fabrics, creating unique designs, and paying attention to every detail in order to bring you timeless, comfortable and stylish pieces. We are passionate about creating clothing that is fashionable and functional, combining modern and traditional Portuguese craftsmanship. Each piece is designed with a sense of individual style in mind, allowing you to express your own personal look.

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Organic cotton flowers

Materials that you, and the planet, will love.

At Organique we love high-quality, organic materials, and you will too. We’ve chosen to work with low-impact fabrics Organic Cotton and Lyocell. These fabrics are incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, and much kinder on your skin than their synthetic counterparts. This means no harmful pesticides or toxic bleach! Right now, only 1% of cotton worldwide is organic. This needs to change, and we believe that you, and the planet, deserve to feel the difference.

These materials make our pieces perfect for movement and activity, or even just lounging about! They also use substantially less energy and water to create than synthetic fibres, and biodegrade much faster.

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Organique Studio is using Noissue packaging to ship all our products. We believe in using eco-friendly products that have minimal environmental impact, and Noissue's packaging are a perfect fit. Our mailers are compostable and stickers labels are made with FSC-certified materials.

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