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Why sustainable fashion matters?

What could be better than going to the seaside with your best friend in the middle of summer, jumping into the clear water and letting off steam on the clean beaches? Or going for a bike ride in the countryside and enjoying the wonderful view? To reach out into the green grass and breathe in the clear air?

Mother Nature is the cradle of life. Friedrich Nietzsche summed it up with the quote:

"We feel so at ease in nature because it has no judgment over us."


But the beauty of nature must be protected. You, too, have the power to actively contribute to a clean environment by treating it gently and choosing sustainable clothing. We'll be happy to tell you how.

Why sustainability?

As a consumer, you have a lot of power over environmental impact - because it just feels good to make positive choices and buy sustainably. Sustainable clothing brands support the ecosystem and respect working conditions.

With sustainable fashion, you can be creative - with a clear conscience:
Lakes and oceans are protected because less water is used; working conditions of seamstresses are respected.

Sustainable clothing brands have environmentally conscious business models that aim to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible. For example, at Organique we use organic cotton and lyocell instead of synthetic fibers because they are much more biodegradable. Your skin will be happy because sustainable fashion is free of harmful residues from the industrial manufacturing process - it can breathe a sigh of relief!

Sustainable fashion is trendy

Sustainable clothing is trendier than ever. More and more fashion-conscious women are choosing to reach for sustainable clothing brands, especially when it comes to sustainable lounge wear and activewear, because it simply feels better! Quality-wise, sustainable lounge wear is far superior to clothes from "fast fashion" shops. By using high-quality and sustainable fabrics, unbeatable wearing comfort is offered.

Especially at home, you want to be comfortable, loungewear should not "pinch" when you are sitting on the couch relaxing and finishing off the evening with a glass of wine. The breathable fabrics of sustainable lounge wear offer the right support.

sustainable fashion brand organique

Sustainable fashion is beautiful

The cliché that sustainable clothing  can only be found in hidden eco-shops and that its shapeless cuts hardly flatter the figure is absolutely a thing of the past. More and more sustainable clothing brands are trying to meet the high aesthetic demands of their customers.

So invest in sustainable fashion active wear that you can wear comfortably during the day, from the home office to an evening yoga date with your girlfriends. They'll soon be enviously asking you where you got that great fitness wear.

Sustainable fashion is easy on the wallet

Some fast-fashion manufacturers would prefer you to dispose of the newly bought pieces tomorrow - so that you go shopping more often. The new top washes out immediately, the seams tear quickly... Sustainable clothing helps you save money, because sustainable fashion is made to last. So for the sake of your wallet, invest in good quality and you'll enjoy it for longer.

As the world evolves, people are starting to change with it, and sustainable fashion is the next step in the industry.

Be part of the revolution - by working towards not only a fair wage for workers through sustainability, but also the protection of your planet. By choosing a sustainable clothing brand, you are right on the pulse of the times.

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Author: Elisabeth Reich

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