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Water: a precious resource for us to protect

Ocean shore
Today is world ocean day which reminds us that water is the source of all living beings on this planet. Especially as the days are getting longer, the weather is getting hotter, and we spend more and more time outside and if possible, near the ocean at the beach. In summer temperatures, staying well hydrated is very important, therefore water becomes more vital. However, this doesn’t imply polluting our oceans.
Water: a necessity for humans, animals, and the fashion industry?
As climate change becomes more present, weather becomes more extreme, and summers are drier than ever. Each year high temperatures are reaching new records which means that the precious resource of drinking water gets further reduced. This mostly affects people already in precarious life situations.
One of the industries that works with massive amounts of water when producing is the fast fashion industry. One t-shirt, on average, requires 2700 litres of water to be produced. And a pair of jeans can need up to 11 thousand litres of water. This is the amount of drinking water a person needs for roughly 4 years! And what we are not mentioning here is the degree of pollution that comes from the production of fast fashion…
So, it should be obvious that there is at least one thing we can all do year round to save drinking water: not buying fast fashion clothing.
Buying sustainable clothing can benefit the environment and yourself by using less pesticides and an eco-friendly production system. Sustainable fashion becomes a win-win situation for you, our planet and the people that don’t have the privilege of unlimited access to drinking water.
Eucalyptus branch
Lyocell – the future of vegan and organic fashion?
At Organique, we use a fabric that is particularly water-saving. It is called Lyocell, and it’s made from eucalyptus fibres. The advantages of eucalyptus as a source for clothing is that these trees are evergreen. This means that they are independent form the seasons with green leaves all year round. Therefore, they make the perfect source for Lyocell fabric. The trees don’t need a lot of water, since they’re well adapted to their dry environment. They are also resistant enough, so they don’t need pesticides to grow beautiful and strong.
Lyocell clothing doesn’t only benefit the environment, it also benefits you as you wear it. Because of its plant-based origin, Lyocell is very soft, let’s your skin breathe naturally and it’s hypoallergenic, so your skin won’t be irritated. We offer two versions of an organic maxi shirt dress in black in our store – you can check it out here.
Lyocell dress in black.
While wearing our lyocell shirt dress on your next day at the beach, remember: The ocean is our home too, we need to protect it. During hot summer days don’t forget that people are also just like beautiful plants… with complicated emotions - All we need is the right amount of water and love.
Stay hydrated and take care of our oceans.
Author: Verena Reubel
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