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Take a Break

This week we are going to explore the importance of taking a break. Whether through a staycation, little getaway with friends or a night in with a movie – the choice is yours, the options are unlimited.

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Take it Easy, Take a break.
Recharge. Refocus. Rest.

When life gets tough, work gets stressful, people are giving you a hard time and world becomes too intense, suddenly you find yourself stuck in a loop of craziness where there is no time for a break. Ironically, that same break you “never havetime for” can become the answer and a golden solution to all the problems you may encounter in your life. 


Taking a break and stepping away from everything and everyone for even a moment can have tremendous benefits. Recharging can really help you in becoming more productive, motivated, better focused and happier, particularly in situations when you are anxious and stressed, ultimately improving both, your mental and physical health.


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Yet one question still remains - How?

Brighten up your day and mood with activities which bring you sense of comfort and fun, avoiding monotonous tasks. Experts claim for dancing and listening tomusic to be a good way of unwinding and letting your brain rest. Don’t fall into stereotypes thinking that taking a break means going to sleep or simply sitting down. It might be particularly challenging to not fall back to the crazy circle of overthinking and focusing on problems, which is why doing something fun and active is the way to go! You can engage in entertainment and social activities which bring you pleasure and joy such as going out for a meal with friends or playing a short game of pool!


It would be also very useful to plan a break in advance, so that not only you know what you’ll be doing, but also for how long, making your day much more organized, productive and less stressful. What is more, awaiting a fun experience will give you plenty of motivation to keep going in the meantime, knowing there is something great to be looking forward to. You should decide on the length of your breaks and adjust them to your needs.


If short breaks aren’t for you and you feel like you need that little bit of an extra rest, do not be afraid of doing so! Changing your environment completely and going away for a day or two might be just exactly what you need! Want to keepit low-key? Plan a fun staycation and visit that restaurant or a museum you’ve never had time to check out! Still not feeling it? Boogie your way to a party at night to let all your worries go away! Alternatively, there is always home sweet home awaiting your friends accompanied by a nice board game. 


The options truly are unlimited. Don’t let anybody, including yourself, tell you otherwise.

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Remember to always make time for yourself. Breaks aren’t meant to distract you from the important things or work!  Breaks are performance enhancers, mood boosters, stress relievers and they are much needed.

Author: Agata Parylak

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