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Why and How to Self-care?

Self care essentials.

This week we want to talk about our favourite tips to include in your self-care routine and its importance in everyday life. Self-care means giving the world the best of you. Here is how we guide you to do that.

  1. Apply a healthy diet

The importance of a healthy diet should not come as a surprise to anybody. Not only does it improve the immunity, strengthens bones and gives a natural energy boost, but it also improves the condition of all our organs including teeth and skin as well as it lowers the risk of many diseases. 


Following a vegan diet can give you a great opportunity to learn how to fuel your body with highlynutrient-rich foods and prioritize your health at no compromise of animals and the environment – just like our clothes! Vegan diet can also become a tasty opportunity to embark on plenty new cooking adventures and learn more about the quality products used in recipes, encouraging the use of organic foods which are far richer in antioxidants than conventionally-grown products. 


Go health, go vegan – go ahead

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2.  Exercise Regularly

Improved memory, enhanced mood, better sleep quality, reducedanxiety…these are just some of the main benefits from exercising regularly. It is said that even 30 minutes of moderate physical activity can significantly improve our both mental and physical health. Yoga, relaxing walks, jogging, cycling- there are many forms of physical activity and just because you are not a fan of sports does not limit your possibilities in maintaining a healthy exercise routine!

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  1. Take time for yourself

“Me Time” is a key element in helping our busy brains to unwind. However, it is necessary for it to be uninterrupted and fully focused on you. It allows you to have control over your mood, release stress and even increase patience! The form of “you time” is entirely up to you! Whether this would involve a bubbly bath, an evening with the book or a spa day with a facemask, it is important that you will give yourself a full attention and do things that you never have time to do otherwise.

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  1. Increase worship

Self-care is a spiritual practise. Increasing worship does not only have a religious connotation. You can worship yourself and your body, which is your own temple you need to look after. Taking some time to meditate, stretch your body, perform some breathing exercises, light a candle and engage inself-enhancing practises such as journaling and writing down your thoughts and feelings – all of these activities increase worship, the worship of you andyour body. 

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  1. Be good to yourself :)

Last, but not least – be kind to yourself. It is much simpler than you can imagine. Start your day with self-affirmations and few words of encouragement; do not be too harsh on yourself. If you have a bad day, do not stop yourself from indulging piece of chocolate or deny yourself a much needed nap. Do not overthink the past, focus on the present. 


Do not overwork yourself and listen to your body – it needs you and your respect. 

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Author: Agata Parylak

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