Meet the founder - Paula Perez

Meet the founder - Paula Perez

NAE Vegan Shoes and Organique founder Paula Perez.

Today we want to talk about women in business, namely the founder of Organique - Paula Perez, who is a true example of that there are no limits to what women can accomplish.

Women in Business – real architects of the society

Driven by a personal need and duty of reducing the horrific impact on animal lives and the environment created by the fast-fashion industry, Paula Perez along with her husband Alex Perez created and founded NAE Vegan Shoes Brand in 2008. Having accomplished a massive success of transforming the footwear industry into becoming more sustainable, Paula Perez is now taking these ethical and ecological values into the fashion industry with Organique.

Organique are committed to creating high-quality athleisure clothing, using low-impact fabrics, that will last and remain vegan, sustainable as environmentally-friendly. Organique stands for minimalism and celebrating the beauty of organic clothing without compromising on its style. The debut collection finds inspiration in the beauty and fluidity of the dance, honouring the importance and charm of body movement.

Paula Perez is a perfect example and embodiment of ambition, strength and resilience, passionately implementing her system of ethical values into the world of business, making a real difference in the society. Bringing people and businesses one step closer towards selecting vegan and organic products and living lives more sustainably; Paula has fulfilled her mission of shaping societal behaviours in the right direction which benefit the planet. She serves as an inspiration for all the women who want to start their own business, proving that there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

Sustainable bodysuit light brown halterneck.

Author: Agata Parylak

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