Loungewear is not the same as Athleisure

Loungewear is not the same as Athleisure

Fitness Wear, Lounge Wear, Athleisure Wear or Active Wear? It's easy to lose track of these terms. It all sounds confusingly similar, yet there are differences between these clothing styles. In the following article, we will focus on the difference between lounge wear and athleisure wear. Because the combination of comfortable, functional clothing and sustainable fashion is our passion at Organique.

"Sweatpants are the sign of defeat. You have lost control of your life, and then you go out on the street in sweatpants" 
- Karl Lagerfeld, 2012. 

But is that the case? Let's first take a look at the functions of athleisure wear and lounge wear before answering this question.

The emergence of athleisure wear

Let's take a step back, to where the trend of sportswear on the streets and even catwalks of this world developed. This is because more and more people began to do sports at home, in the gym or in a classroom, especially in the past 80s and 90s. The shapeless, loose sports clothes were quickly replaced by figure-hugging, modern leggings and tank tops. A big bag is no longer necessary for the way to the sports class, because the sportswear itself has long been street-smart and modern. Athleisure Wear was born. 

So athleisure wear is mainly about the clothes that you can easily wear both to sport and on the way there. At Organique, we have some pieces that combine sustainable fashion with the benefits of athleisure wear or fitness wear (for example, our cycling shorts or tank tops can be found in this category, among others). 

Loungewear - for the calm moments

The counterpart of athleisure wear is lounge wear. Loungewear is designed for exactly the opposite of sport - lazing around. The origin of lounge wear can be traced back to pajamas, which (similar to athleisure wear) were tailored with stylish cuts for a trip to the supermarket from the home office or a relaxed weekend coffee with the girls. Your lounge wear look will be united with one of our straight leg trousers paired with a top or a jumpsuit of sustainable fashion. You'll benefit in your everyday life, and so will nature. 


Even though at the beginning of our century many people still resisted the appearance of athleisure wear, fitness wear or lounge wear in our everyday lives, the advantages of lounge wear and athleisure wear in particular should have become clear to everyone at the latest in the age of work from home. Going through the workday in comfort and feeling good about it is more important than ever and has absolutely nothing to do with defeat.

This should also have become clear to Karl Lagerfeld shortly after his famous quote, when he launched the sweatpants on the catwalk at Chanel. So, it's high time for the first athleisure wear or lounge wear pieces in your wardrobe. 

Find our entire selection of sustainable fashion meeting lounge wear and athleisure wear here. 

Author: Verena Reubel

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